Archive in CVS atsourceforge is often recent.

Recent version
Fixed bug of query function of model.php
Add describe function for model
zip tar.gz 2009-09-14

Previous version
Fixed bug of MySQL
Extended for validation
zip tar.gz 2008-02-23
Fixed bug of PgSQL
Enable to specify port for MySQL
Add auto escape to a part of model functions
Enable to specify condition with array
Extend way to access view variables.(like $data['var'] -> $var)
zip tar.gz 2008-02-20
Fixed bug of PgSQL
Enable to specify port for PgSQL
$db->add( "pg", "host", "user", "password", "dbname", DBKIND_PGSQL, "port" );
zip tar.gz 2007-07-06
Add SQL logging
fixed bug of using the plural connections.
Add functions of getting SQL executed information to Model.
zip tar.gz 2007-06-01
Changed around DB.(function 'escape', delete useless connect´╝ë
Changed dispatch.
zip tar.gz 2007-05-29
fixed bug of function find at pgsql.
function notempty
fixed bug of textsql( forgot lock )
enable textsql to specify limit like [start,limit]
validation of mail address
zip tar.gz 2007-05-13
Add config function 'config_view_class'
Add Controller function 'SetViewPath'
Modify enable to delete sql files( under db directory ) you don't need.
zip tar.gz 2006-11-04
Add config function 'config_controller_class'
zip tar.gz 2006-10-20
Add component
Add config function 'after_action'
zip tar.gz 2006-10-14
correspond to TextSQL
modified around database
zip tar.gz 2006-10-7
correspond to PostgreSQL
zip tar.gz 2006-9-26
fixed bug.
Add functions findby,findoneby to Model.
zip tar.gz 2006-9-20
fixed bug.
zip tar.gz 2006-9-18 zip tar.gz 2006-9-10